Does my child have a foot fetish or a cast fetish? Here's some helpful advice.

I decided to write this article for one reason – because if I were a parent of a young man who seemed to have an interest in other men's feet, I'd want someone to give me the information, and guidance, similar to what's in the text that follows. There is not a lot of information out there about foot fetish. There are varying degrees of it, as is the case with most things in life. There is a definite difference between "liking feet" and "perpetually wanting to pursue feet on an erotic level." The latter is the best descriptor of foot fetish that I can come up with. If anyone else out there has a better definition, by all means, let me know.

Later in the article, I discuss cast fetish, which is a less common extension of foot fetish but for now, we'll concentrate on feet. The article doesn't discuss females, although of course there are females who have a foot fetish. As I am a male, I really don't know much about the forms that foot fetish takes for females, as I have never met any female with the fetish. I'm sure it's not too dissimilar but as I don't know for sure, I won't venture into that territory. Let's start off with some introductory remarks and observations about what is commonly accepted about foot fetish.

1. Most people who have a foot fetish are males. This is a fact, a numerical statistic, although I have no idea what the number is. Maybe 1 percent of the population? Half a percent? You decide.

2. Most people who have a foot fetish are homosexual. This is also a fact, a numerical statistic. But before you keep reading, take to heart the importance of 'most' and not 'all'. My discussion here does draw a number of gay parallels; as you will understand after reading this, it's all a factor in the equation. Be it straight or be it gay, foot fetish does tie in with sexual orientation to some degree.

3. Foot fetish can start at any age prior to or at puberty. It usually doesn't start after the teen years. Usually, once a young man realizes that he is homosexual, he has known for some time that he has a foot fetish. Or, if he is not homosexual, he already realized very early in life that he likes other males' feet.

4. Foot fetish is not something that can be "cured" or erased or obliterated. Believe me, it can't, I know from experience. Although some might go through a foot phase, a person with an ongoing foot fetish that lasts for "a long period of time", always craves feet.

5. Usually by the time a young man realizes he has the fetish, it has firmly taken root, and the urge to pursue it is often as powerful as his sexual urge is. The pursuit can take any number of forms, but they're generally quite innocent and harmless. An example would be meeting with another guy who also likes feet, to engage in foot play. This can usually start during the college years, although I'll be the first to say that where a person lives and where he is in life will determine how far the fetish can be pursued. Using myself as an example - I was a little over 30 years old and living in Los Angeles before I met with another man for foot play. Before that, I lived and went to school in a small college town (in the early 2000s) and at that time, I seriously thought I was the only guy on the planet who liked other men's feet. I saw a lot of feet on campus that I would have loved to play with.

6. Although many people believe that any guy who likes other guy's feet is automatically gay or bisexual, it is also a fact that foot fetish is a very rare thing, and it should not be assumed that all gay guys like feet. They don't. While homosexuality is not even considered rare anymore, foot fetish still is, and always will be. Despite the fact that Facebook and numerous other foot communities exist online (many of which you must pay to join) with many many thousands of participants, foot fetish is not considered common. Even though "tons of people have a foot fetish", tons of people also have pollen allergies (hay fever). The number of people who have foot fetish is far lower than the number who have hay fever. True!!

7. "What the *#&% caused this in my child?!" Nobody knows for sure. Don't be alarmed by it. Some therapists who see patients who discuss their foot fetish will ask them to describe things from their past, and the patient sometimes describes a "traumatic experience involving feet" that may have brought it on. I am not sure what traumatic experiences involving feet would bring on a foot fetish. I do know of people who developed diabetes as a result of pancreatic exhaustion due to high sugar intake for many years, causing the pancreas to not secrete enough insulin. But that's a physiological trauma, not a psychological one. It happens, for reasons unknown, that some children under the age of 5 become fascinated with their own feet, for whatever reason (I was one of those kids.) Then they start looking at others' feet. Rest assured, your child's possible foot fetish was extremely unlikely to have resulted from anything you or anyone in your child's life did. A great many people have grown up with family members whose feet were constantly dirty and unmaintained, and thus, they did a 'foot-180' and either came to outwardly dislike feet and/or became foot-shy themselves. This is the only thing even close to a "foot trauma", short of child abuse or torture, that I can think of. But if the abuse involved feet, it's even more unlikely that the child would develop a foot attraction as a result.

Let's start our discussion with number 2 above by considering the anatomy of the human brain. It is known that the part of the brain that controls the sensations related to the human foot is right next to the part that controls what we feel in the genital region. It only makes sense that there is some crossover there. Seeing an attractive individual of the same sex can generate the same response as can seeing a nice looking pair of feet, especially if the feet belong to the attractive individual (a bonus, you might say!) The soles and toes of the human foot are rife with nerve endings, and stimulus of them is often as pleasurable as is genital stimulus. It could be argued that the two parts of the anatomy – feet and genitalia – are completely unrelated. But looking at the foot as an isolated, phallic object, it makes complete sense. Do the feet resemble the penis? In a way, yes. The fingers and toes are extensions of the arms and legs, just as the penis is also a part of the male reproductive organs that happens to extend beyond the framework of the human body. Looking at the feet and toes of a nice looking guy in public can have a substantial level of appeal. While a penis would generally not be seen in public, exposed feet and toes can be a springboard to other things. If a guy has nice feet and/or large feet, the sight of them can be overwhelmingly appealing, and if the fetishist is also homosexual, he probably thinks about the other guy's genital area as well. A straight foot fetishist who sees a girl with nice feet would do likewise.

Let's look even further at the feet. What do they do? We use them to walk on everyday, unless we have a foot injury or an amputation. They are like 'hands for the ground', and considering evolution, that is still an accurate description. Feet are used to kick or move things, and you can pick up small objects with toes. A foot can kick a ball or other small object to a great length. Generally, the feet are powerful, and they're built to last a person's lifetime. They help the legs in holding up the entire human framework, which in itself is a really beautiful thing. They are a sine qua non; we can't stand without them. They're usually dirty. They get dirty faster than almost any part of the body (except the mouth and the anus, which are typically the dirtiest.) The ground is far from sanitary, and the feet can absorb or adsorb chemical and solid particulates on the ground, as well as bacteria. The good thing is that feet are easy to clean. Another common thing I've found in talking to other male foot fetishists is that worshiping the feet of another man appeals to them because of exactly where the feet they're worshiping have been. I once had a date with a guy who was a trainer at a gym. He was an athlete himself, and although his feet weren't rough, they were well worn. The feeling of his bare soles against my face was amazing. Without going into too many details, let's just say that while I was pleasuring his feet, I was thinking about the many marathons he'd run, the early morning neighborhood runs he'd probably done, the barefoot martial arts he'd done in his younger years, and perhaps strolling barefoot on the beach with his previous boyfriend. And for all I know, he could have climbed trees or walked in the jungles of the Philippines (where he was from.) He was 4 years or so older than me, and I guess I looked up to him a bit...and tasting those feet that had walked more miles than my own feet had was amazing on a psychological level. Many gay guys prefer to have relationships with guys who are older than themselves - they could be looking for the father or older brother they never had. Obviously, an older person has tread the Earth with their feet for a longer time. That's something that can be appreciated by a younger person. At the same time, if the two people are the same age or thereabout, then they can worship each other's feet with mutual respect. And, an older guy worshiping a younger guy's feet reminds him of his own youth, and by worshiping young feet, he's making himself part of the guy's trek on long road of manhood.

What else about feet? They can be stimulated. Some people have more sensitive feet than others. But if one does have sensitive feet, they can add greatly to a session of sex, be it heterosexual or homosexual sex. You can use your imagination as to how feet might enhance your next sexual encounter. Most people don't realize that, and go their whole lives thinking that "feet are feet." But it's a reality that feet are wonderful...and underrated.

I first realized I liked other men's feet at the age of 4 or 5, maybe even earlier. I am a homosexual male, and knew at age 16 that I was gay. In talking with other gay male foot fetishists, I've found without exception that most guys knew they had the fetish at some point between the ages of 4 and 14, but most knew before age 10. How did I realize it? Very simple. I would look at other men's feet. I simply always liked looking at other men's bare or sandaled feet, and of course it was long before I knew what my sexual orientation was. The way the toes flex, the way the toes strike the ground, the prominence of the ankle bones, the shape and appearance of the heels, the overall shape of the foot and the symmetry of the toes, whether the toes and tops of the foot had hair on them or not, if the feet had prominent veins emerging, the coloring of the feet – normal, bloodshot, color-deprived (due to the guy wearing socks a lot) or color-enhanced (nice and tan due to the guy going barefoot or wearing flip flops a lot), the toe nails (neatly trimmed or jagged, or somewhere in between?) And most importantly, what the guy did with the feet – did he shamelessly put them on display for all to see by going barefoot or wearing sandals? When striding forward, the heel and the back part of the sole are visible - how do they look? Let's say he is in a supine or reclining position with his bare feet extended. Does he cross them? Does he hook his toes on the coffee table edge? Does he interlock one or more of his toes together? Does he use his big toe to rub the sole of the other foot, or does he rub the soles together? We could take this a few steps further, and imagine how his feet look when he's having sex. Does he curl his toes when he orgasms? Does he anchor his feet while he's penetrating his partner, or while being penetrated? On the flip side...are the guy's feet ugly and/or not well maintained? All of these are things that the foot fetishist notices and observes with great interest.

A young man with a foot fetish may seek out the feet of other male family members, if their feet are appealing to him. One fellow I talked to said that every morning for years, he would go to his brother's bedroom while he was still sleeping and would suck his toes and lick his soles. When his brother would start to wake up, he'd scurry off! I'm not sure how old he was when he was doing this. If your child does something like this, and another family member feels uncomfortable with it, let them tell him that it's not enjoyable, and usually there will be no hard feelings. He'll find some other feet. If your child is going after YOUR feet, or your spouse's, it's of course at your discretion as to how you want to handle it. Is it incest? Perhaps not, but it definitely crosses what is probably considered an acceptable boundary and most people would probably call it inappropriate.

Surely, before a boy realizes he generally likes the feet of other males, he's drawn to the foot object itself, as described earlier. He knows from the age of maybe 2 or 3 that the hands are used more prominently than the feet, that the feet are kind of just along for the ride while the arms can lift, push, and pull. He knows the hands are generally less sensitive (no one has ticklish hands, but millions have ticklish feet.) He notices that the feet and hands are similar in shape and have a chiral (mirror-image) spatial orientation, but instead of having toes that are the size of fingers, the toes are more compact and round and generally more 'cute'. They are like a second pair of hands, that are used primarily for walking. Everyone goes through this phase of being aware of the feet. However, in a small number of people this phase develops into a fetish. Some people, actually I would say most people, would argue that people with a fetish just never outgrew a childhood phase and that it developed into a sick obsession or affliction. It's not at all fair to say that, because by definition it is untrue. If it were, could we shamelessly say to all fat people, "You're a fatass because you were orally deprived as a baby." No, that wouldn't be at all nice to say to someone.

Does a male foot fetishist avoid looking at female feet? If they're gay, then usually yes. If they're straight, then no. But chipped nail polish, or nail polish at all, is an ugly thing to most of us male foot fetishists! Haha But generally, female feet are not as appealing to the male with a foot fetish. I know of one individual (straight male) who, in his 30s, swung away from female feet and developed more of an affinity for male feet.

An aside: I remember the year 1991 being the year of the sandal splash. Birkenstocks had been around forever, but a great number of guys, and girls too, started wearing Teva sandals in 1991. In those days I was very foot shy and did not want to show my own feet. I'll talk more about that later. I was 15 years old, turning 16, in 1991. It was also the year I realized I was homosexual. And I think at that point, my fetish kicked into full throttle. Despite some attempts to stop it over the next decade or so, I found that it was impossible for me to NOT look at other guys' feet. If they were bare or in sandals, they wouldn't escape my eyes. Granted, not all of the feet I saw were appealing. But appealing or not, I was looking at them if they were within eyeshot.

Since the internet came along, a lot more young guys nowadays are pulling off their socks at a much earlier age. Since Youtube came along in the first decade of the millennium, a lot of teenaged boys who are foot fetish-curious have started poking around there and hence, making videos of their bare feet. Some even accept money from wealthier folks and make custom foot videos for them (I won't go into the details but it's pretty harmless, needless to say.) I was 31 (and not 13) when I started a Youtube channel of my own. Finding Youtube was a revelation for me. I was in a hotel room in Atlanta in early 2007 and I just happened to look for videos of men's feet. A friend of mine who was an actress sent me an email saying "I made it onto Youtube!" I watched her video and then I took a chance and typed in "showing my feet." I hit the motherlode, - dozens and dozens of videos, and after 25+ years of believing that I was the only guy on the planet who craved guys' feet, I realized I wasn't the only one. A year or so later, I made a video of myself worshiping another man's feet. Youtube deleted it after 9 months and nearly 60,000 views. I still don't know why, because it was far from being the only foot worship vid on there. One young guy from England, in his teens, must have asked me about fifty different questions about what was going through my mind when I was sucking on the guy's toes and licking his soles, and if I had worshiped family members' feet. He wanted to know if I masturbated during or after worshiping another man's feet. Another guy who was about my own age who offered to come from Florida live with me in my apartment in Los Angeles, and in exchange for rent, he'd cook, clean, and take care of my feet every day (no, I didn't accept his offer.)

A young guy with a foot fetish will probably never tell a parent of the fetish. It may manifest itself in other ways, though, and you should be aware of them. For some, it can take the form of actually doing things with the feet or finding interest in what others are doing with theirs. One of my good friends, who identifies as straight, has told me that he likes barefoot drummers. He once saw one playing the drums in a rock band at a club and was aroused by it. He also enjoys foot play and worship with other males, even though he is not sexually attracted to them, although the foot play undoubtedly has some erotic appeal to him, even though he's keeping his pants on. There was a guy who had a very popular channel on Youtube who happens to lives here in Los Angeles who is into stomping and crushing things with his feet - and I might add, his feet are great looking. Youtube deleted his channel eventually (here's another trivium for you - Youtube engages egregiously in censorship, and Youtube itself has been called "a homophobic organization" and very likely run by a religious cult.) Many guys love to get their feet dirty, and then have fun cleaning them up to pristine condition again. But all this aside, the extent to which a person does these things, and how deeply it progresses, and how long it lasts (a phase, or indefinitely) is what determines "fetish or no fetish." When I was about 14, I was constantly telling my father to please not go barefoot around the house because I thought his feet were ugly. He agreed to do it, because he knew that I'd keep mentioning it if he didn't. As that was now over 20 years ago, I don't know if my father should've given into my request...maybe it gave me too much power over him. I guess my parents noticed that my eyes would gravitate towards other feet and that I would sometimes make comments about them. My mother took me to a non-doctor therapist and told him in no uncertain terms and without hesitation that her son gets repulsed by some less-than-attractive feet, including his own father's. The therapist said he'd have to think about whether or not he'd be able to work with me. Needless to say, I never saw that therapist again, but he called our residence a week later. I answered the phone, and he said, "please tell your mother that after careful consideration, I can not help you with your problem, I'm not qualified to do so." No, I am not making this up.

I remember Father's Day, 1992 (which was a bit after the aforementioned incident) wherein I suggested to my mom that we get Dad a pair of Teva sandals. $70 was a lot of money for sandals back then, but she agreed to pay for them because I told her they'd make his feet look better. I think they did.

If you suspect that your young son has a foot fetish, the best thing to do is to simply understand what is behind it, even if you can't fully comprehend it. If it bothers you, you need to find a way to make peace with it. It's not something you should discuss with him. He's going to pursue it in the way he desires. Confronting him about it or telling him to "get over it" is not even close to being a good idea. If you son wants to be barefoot or wear sandals at more formal functions, like a dinner party in your home, don't discourage it. He may want the party guests to see his feet, and who knows, one or two of them might ask him about it, and he may very well tell them "I just like being barefoot, just like showing my feet." It's not something to get upset about. If his feet happen to be dirty before the guests come, you might tell him to wash them and trim the nails, just as you would tell him to wash his face or hands. Don't worry, your dear old friends whom he said that to are not going to come to you and say, "what's with your son's foot craze?!" Most parents are good about this, I think, but there are some who are still of the old school mentality that girls have the privilege of keeping their feet open because girls are cleaner and take care of their bodies better than guys, or that a girl's feet enhance her femininity. That may be true, but trust me, many guys are fastidious about their hygiene, and that includes their feet. Especially if they're also gay. And if a girl's feet enhance her femininity, then it only makes sense that a guy's feet enhance his masculinity (this is infinitely true). Nowadays, a number of guys wear flip flops or sandals to prom with their tuxedos. Before the 1990s, the United States was very sandal-deprived. Europe and South America were always the meccas for sandals and the US was far behind for many years. Once Tevas and other sport-type sandals and European leather sandals made their way into the mainstream in the early 90s, most guys finally felt okay about showing their feet. It's only a matter of time before it will be acceptable for men to wear dressy toe-showing sandals to work. And I hope it's soon because my feet hate being in confined footwear!

Back to the subject at hand... If your son is like me, and his eyes are constantly darting around at other guys and then down at their sandaled or bare feet, don't question it, just let it happen. Don't roll your eyes. Often, a guy with a developing foot fetish will gradually break away from closed-toe footwear in favor of sandals or flip flops. Most guys with the fetish like to show their feet to the world and some go to great lengths to keep them in top form. You will never catch me in a pedicure salon, not even dead, but if your son wants one, don't be surprised if he comes home sometime with great looking feet! If he has a close friend who is a girl, she may even do it for him. Another aside: these female friends are often one of the only ones whom they trust. If he can confide in her, he'll probably tell her about his foot fetish – and if he's gay, she'll probably have known about it long before you do. Again, it's nothing to be alarmed about, it's just what happens. My best friend growing up, and whom I've known since age 5, is a girl. She's now married with children and we're still close. I'm not out to my family, but she knows I'm gay. I told her of my foot fetish when we were about 10 and she used to give me a hard time about it (by constantly sticking her bare feet in my face!) but I'm sure she forgot about it and probably thought it was just a phase I was going through.

When I was 22, I was still a bit on the geeky side. I was going into my senior year of college. I was also still very much in the closet. However, I decided that I wanted to start wearing sandals and going barefoot regularly...but only indoors or in places where it was clean, as I didn't want my soles getting torn up (and today, I hold to the 'barefoot only indoors' policy.) I wore socks all the time, even to bed. My legs were (and are, and always will be) extremely hairy and from the ages of 14 to 22 I never wore shorts. The last time I'd worn flip flops was before I was even in my teenage years. I was in the university library studying one day and it just hit me. One of the librarians, a good looking guy with a wedding band who was in charge of picking up stray books left on the desks, always wore this great looking model of Teva sandals (called 'The Alp') and I knew I wanted those sandals on my feet too. I knew exactly where to buy them, and I went and bought them. When I strapped them on my feet and flexed my toes and adjusted the straps, I can't even describe what I was feeling, but it was amazing. Kind of like losing virginity or something along those lines. I didn't dare wear them in front of my parents, probably because of the earlier incident, which I am certain they did not forget, and to this day, I still don't wear sandals or go barefoot when I'm staying at my folks' house. I still have those sandals and will cherish them always.

Now, on to the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question – is your son's foot interest a good indication that he is homosexual? There's no real answer to that. The more macro question is whether he's desiring male or female feet...or both! Whatever it may be, though, it's all good and you need to stay out of the picture. If it bothers you, simply use your knowledge of his possible fetish as your best mental defense. If he's in his early or mid teen years, he could just be going through a phase where he likes feet. The ages of 16 to 22 (late high school, and through college) are extremely important years, wherein males do a lot of experimenting. Assuming you (the reader) are heterosexual, you probably remember those days well. Wink, wink. Almost everyone, at the conclusion of this period, knows their sexual orientation. Others will try sexual activity or some form of sexual play with both sexes and see what they enjoy. During this time, if they have a possible fetish, they may explore it. A guy exploring his foot interest may have a good friend in school and ask permission to worship his feet (we call it 'worship' because it is indeed servicing another person in the same way that we service each other when having sex.) Some guys move on completely from the fetishes that they had in their younger years. I've known a few who did. I knew one guy who had a fetish for male armpits, and he also liked seeing guys in sandals. He was very homosexual, but he did tell me that he no longer had those fetishes. I've known more than one who liked other guys' fingers and arms, or legs, particularly if they were hairy. I've also known guys who were so-called 'asexual homos' or 'homoromantics' who did have same-sex partners, and their foot fetish (and/or other fetishes) were prominent. One of them even described himself to me simply as "a hands and feet person." He liked his partner's hands and feet, and participated in oral/external pleasuring but abstained from sexual intercourse.

In the preceding paragraphs, I've given you Foot Fetish 101. There is no 102! Obviously, because you read this article, you have taken the first step. You were concerned enough to look for information about it, so now put the information into practice. I won't wish you a cheap "good luck," because if you're a student of the mind like I am, it implies that the odds are against you and that you'll fail. If you do have questions, email me at and I will do my best to answer them. I love talking about feet because they're my favorite part of the anatomy, which by now I hope is painfully obvious. I have made some "foot friends" over the years, and I enjoy meeting them for foot play on occasion. In New York City and San Francisco, there are frequent foot parties, but I don't know the details of them since I've never attended them. I'm sure they're a blast.

At this point, I'd like to discuss casting. If your child seems to have a fascination with injuries, or if he's sought out splints or bandages (especially if he has not been injured, or if he has been but wants to keep wearing one after he's had an injury that is healed), you may wish to read the rest of this article. If you had a difficult time with the first part of this article, fasten your seatbelt because it gets even more abstract! If you can keep your thinking outside the box, it will make more sense.

Cast fetish, or splint fetish, is an even more rare fetish, and it is an extension of basic limb fetishes. One who likes feet, for instance, may also like feet or legs that are casted. Crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical devices (neck halos and braces, etc.) are also objects of fetish. Some have a brace fetish that may include orthodontic braces, wrist braces, and knee immobilizing braces (such as the full-leg ones that are secured with velcro, or the metallic ones with a rotating knee angle.)

There are three kinds of cast fetishes – most guys fall into one or more of these categories: (1) Those who like wearing casts and/or using crutches, a wheelchair, etc. (2) Those who like to look at other people, especially other guys, wearing casts and/or using crutches, wheelchairs; (3) Both of these. And when I say casts, I'm not excluding arm casts or even spica-type casts that encompass the hips and/or shoulders in addition to the legs and feet.

You never know just who you might meet at a party when you're in a cast!

There are plenty of heterosexual male casters. I've also observed that there are a good number of straight or bi females who like casts. However, males definitely trump the stats as far as it goes and of the males who are into casting, one online poll reported that 65 percent of those who responded were gay. The first person I ever talked to about casting was a straight male. He told me that he enjoyed women tremendously. But from the age of about 3, he knew that he wanted his legs casted as often as possible. He's now well into his 50s and still casts regularly. He was/is a successful working professional who has had a seemingly very full life.

Most people, obviously, extend a silent sympathy – or, if they're more outgoing, they'll express the sympathy overtly – to a person wearing a splint, brace, bandage, or cast on an arm or leg…or more than one cast, as is sometimes the case. Broken or sprained limbs are never a pleasant thing…unless you have a cast fetish. Don't get me wrong, a person with a fetish for casted/splinted limbs is not sadistically happy that the other party got hurt. But they are VERY glad to see the cast or splint. If the person is on crutches or in a wheelchair, or wearing a sling or immobilizing device,'s that much better.

As far as the connection between sexual orientation and casting, if a person is gay and they like casts, it is almost unequivocal that they are getting sexually aroused by wearing or seeing another person wearing a cast, or by wearing a cast themselves. "How do you get a cast if you're not injured?!" Up until about 2003, you couldn't unless you lived in Mexico or South America or a country that sold the casting materials in the local pharmacy. Now, anyone can get casting supplies online – and also a saw or shears to remove the cast. The supplies are not usually inexpensive, but even college students with tight budgets can buy them. A recreational caster will often wear a cast on a leg or arm for a day or more (a week, a month, six weeks…) so they can enjoy sexual activity in the cast and also enjoy wearing it around. As a gay caster myself, let me tell you, the feeling of having a cast on my foot while masturbating increases the level of pleasure exponentially. I have been in a relationship with another man for some years now but I have not yet worn a recreational cast while being intimate with him. On the same note, casting can also take the form of bondage, and it's sometimes known as erotic casting. Having the hands or feet tied up while being penetrated can be extremely pleasurable for both sexes, but having one or more limbs locked in a cast is too. Erotic casting is done by more gays than straights, although it seems to be exclusive of sexual orientation. When I say gays, I do mean gay men. I have not known of any lesbian casters, although there must be a few. Casting can be done in groups. Fellow male casters have casting parties, or meet one-on-one with another caster and will cast each other, even if no sexual activity is involved. Girls have been known to have casting parties too, usually with gay guys (casted fags and fag hags?! LOL!!) An admission: I have not yet been to a casting party. I hope to meet with some of my caster friends for a party within the next year though.

It is easy to understand why some people enjoy seeing another person in a cast…and although it's a rarer fetish, it's much easier to explain, as it is much more specific than a foot fetish. Let's look at it literally – a person with a broken bone wears a cast because they were involved in an activity that caused them to be injured. They could've fallen off a ladder, landed wrong on a skateboard jump, fallen down stairs while carrying something heavy, zigged instead of zagging on a ski slope, or slipped on a floor (that'd be me – chipped bone in left foot in 2002 and torn ligament in ankle in 2011 – real injuries.) Most of these things have "power" and "momentum" associated with them. Skateboarding is a masculine activity, not for the uncoordinated and not for wimps...which is probably why I had zero luck with skating as a kid...I did much better on ice skates and now I rollerblade. But skateboarding requires agility, flexibility, and skill. Skiing can be dangerous, unless you're staying on the bunny slope. What are all of these things, literally? They're physical activities. They're risky! They're fun! But they're physical activities…just like sex. And they're at the top of the list of reasons why people break legs, feet, wrists, arms and ankles. When a cast fetishist sees another guy on crutches and wearing a short-leg cast (especially if it has some signatures on it! haha), he will likely become aroused. It means that the guy probably was doing a recreational activity that caused an injury. If the guy in the cast has left his toes open and not covered them with a sock, it's often even more arousing because the toes are the one part of the foot that is showing…again, an extension of foot fetish.

These shots were taken by a young guy who in fact has a sprain fetish. His ankle was sprained badly at the time these shots were taken. He'd gone to a doctor and his ankle was bandaged and he was given crutches. He reported that the pain was bad, but he found the experience enjoyable.

Like a foot fetish, a cast fetish can start early. Mine started simultaneously with my foot fetish, at age 4 or 5. By the time I was maybe 7 or 8, I sought out ace bandages. My aunt and grandmother had them in their homes and I would go into their bathrooms and apply them to my ankles. I'd stay in the bathroom a good long time wearing them, and when they'd come to the door and say "Hey Leon, everything ok in there?", I'd quickly remove it and roll it back up and replace it in the drawer. When I became old enough, I'd go buy my own bandages and would wear them around the house when my parents weren't home. A couple times, my parents caught me with my wrapped-up ankles and I had to concoct some explanation for it. I don't think either of them believed my stories, but they let it go at that, thankfully. Then I worked my way up to ankle braces (a bit more expensive, but still affordable with a week or two's worth of earnings from household chores or a babysitting evening.) I would always readily go to the mall or to the supermarket as a kid. Why? Because in those days, without fail, there would be a guy on crutches with a cast or splint or wrapped foot. I could follow him around the store and he'd never know I was doing so. It was really fun…and it still is, but these days, I don't see them much anymore. Casts seem to be a last resort nowadays, and ace bandages are a thing of the past. One of my close childhood friends – the girl I mentioned earlier – had two pairs of wooden crutches at her house. Her father and two brothers all played basketball and all three of them were on crutches at different times with sprains and breaks. They had a huge house with an even huger backyard, with a large shed, and that's where the crutches were kept. Whenever I would go to their house, without fail, I would at least go and have a look at the crutches, and play with them a bit. Usually I'd have to sneak off by myself to do that. It was awhile before I got my first pair of crutches. I wanted them badly from the beginning, but had to leave home before I could get them. As I was foot-shy until age 22'ish, I knew I'd be embarrassed to use crutches in public. I was 24 and living in my apartment and working at my first full-time job out of college when I got my first pair – I paid about 15 USD for them; the gal who was selling them did not even want to make money on them so she only charged me for shipping. How nice of her. I used them on occasion. I'd go to the grocery store on crutches, or even for a late-night crutch walk around my apartment building. Neighbors would ask me, "Ouch, are you ok?!" And I'd always say, "Yeah, thanks." "How long you on those for?" "Oh, another day or two, I hurt my ankle again." The same year I got those first crutches, I hurt my foot at work, for real. So, it was good I had them anyway. I had a camwalker (walking cast boot), which was the closest thing I could get to a cast. I didn't wear my first cast until I was 34, just a couple years ago. The reason was that I lived with housemates and roommates and I didn't really feel comfortable doing the casting in front of them. Also, cast saws were and still are very expensive and I didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for one.

To look at crutches and wheelchairs just briefly – they replace an injured leg or foot. Crutches serve as artificial legs. Walking with them is not usually enjoyable, as most will attest to. But to a person with a cast fetish, it can be thrilling to watch another person who is on crutches. The way a person is forced to perambulate on crutches is unique, as they alternate their 'good leg' and the two crutches while keeping the casted leg immobile, or 'along for the ride.' The shape of the crutch can also be viewed as a phallic symbol of sorts. The achieved status of 'being on crutches' is, like the act of breaking a limb, it's a powerful sort of thing. It requires upper body strength and stamina. To be 'a good crutcher', one must have some strength – which is why many young people can fly around on them while older folks don't generally use them except to keep their balance or not fall over. Wheelchairs – they are also a rather powerful thing. But they tend to be reserved for those who have a temporary or permanent paralysis. Some people like seeing a person wearing a leg cast who is confined to a wheelchair, although these days, wheelchairs are not really used as such except in hospitals and airports. The sight of a man in a wheelchair wearing a cast on his leg, especially if his toes are exposed, can be very arousing. I remember telling my grandmother when I was 6 years old that I wanted to be casted and in a wheelchair. She thought that was interesting. When she took me home later that day, she told my parents, "When Leon and I were at the hospital, he really got a kick out of the wheelchairs!" Thankfully, she didn't blow my cover about my interest in casts. Then again, crutches have largely been replaced by other devices including scooters and tricycles designed for people with compromised limbs.

Camwalkers – they have replaced casts to a large extent. Nowadays, if someone breaks a foot, a doctor can put them in a camwalker boot for 6 weeks, which is the same amount of time they would've put them in a cast for. Generally, camwalkers are not very comfortable. Most of them often make noise when you walk on them. They're also used a lot for sprains and soft tissue injuries. Those who ski regularly often have a camwalker at home and ready for use, especially if they've been injured in the past. As far as the appeal of camwalkers – they do have a following, certainly. But the shape, look, and feel of a cast, which can not be removed unless sawed off, has not been and will never be supplanted by camwalkers.

I've met a few guys, who all happened to be gay, who realized that they had the cast fetish when they actually broke their leg or ankle or arm. They wanted to keep the cast and became sometime-casters after that. If your child sprains an ankle or breaks a leg and wants to continue using crutches sometimes, there is no harm in it. Don't worry what your neighbors might think; crutches are fun to play with anyway.

I wish I'd gotten to use crutches and wear casts and splints at a much earlier age. Or at least use crutches in public when I was a young kid. It wasn't something I could really talk about with anyone. I knew what the response would be; everyone would think I was crazy. It wasn't until I was about 31, and I started poking around Youtube for videos of guys wearing casts and using crutches, that I realized I was NOT the only one in the world with a casting fetish.

This young lad could have injured himself in a soccer game and/or might just enjoy wearing a cast. Either way, he's going about life as usual.

So, if you see your child's head turn at the sight of a guy on crutches or wearing a cast, you'll probably know what he's thinking: he wishes he could be in a cast and on crutches too. I'm not suggesting you give your kid crutches as a birthday present. What you can do is, if you suspect he's leaning in the direction of a cast fetish, is spend a few bucks at Goodwill or a garage sale, get a pair of crutches that are in accord with his height, and simply put them in your garage. He'll use them, believe me. It may not be when you're around, but make them available. If he asks why you got them, just tell him that a lot of people sprain ankles or hurt their knees unexpectedly and it's just good measure to keep crutches handy. If, on the other hand, your child comes to you and openly admits that he likes casts and crutches, you can say "Okay, that's fine," and ask him if he wants to use crutches or wear casts sometimes. You might suggest that it's not practical to use them all the time unless a person has a legitimate medical reason for doing so, and that if done to excess, people might put two and two together and suspect that it's a sham! As mentioned earlier, casting material is not cheap, and doctors in the US will not apply a cast unless there is a legitimate medical reason for it, unless perhaps you have a close personal relationship with them. So, you'll need to figure out how to deal with purchasing the supplies and learning how to apply the cast. As a caster, I apply my own casts, but it's not something that a kid can do easily, I don't imagine. Applying fiberglass tape is a tricky process, and applying plaster is even trickier and extremely messy. So, your child might do well to wear removable splints and postpone casting until later on. One guy who was about 25 told me that when he was 12, he asked his parents for permission to go on their family vacation in a cast and on crutches. They said yes, and he did. Not sure where he got the cast, but depending on where in the world you live, you may be able to find someone to put a cast on. If you're worried about what others might think, don't. They will take it at face value. Almost everyone, including casters, assumes that if a person is casted, they have a legitimate medical reason for wearing it, and will not question it. If anyone asks "what happened to him?", you can tell a little blue lie. Simply tell them he fell down the stairs or broke his foot in a soccer game. Assure your child that lying isn't something that is acceptable, but that because you respect his feelings and hence, his fetish, that telling the lie that will not harm anyone is permissible and that's why you're doing it. He'll thank you for it later, and will be glad that he got to spend the vacation that way. By all means, don't ever say "he likes to wear casts"! If you do, he won't be the one who looks will. Most people don't have your understanding of his fetish and will think it's all crazy. I wish I could've been the vacationing kid on crutches. I clearly remember when I was 5 years old, in 1981, our family went to Disneyland. Even now, 30+ years later, I still remember seeing a lot of boys and men in casts and/or on crutches, and wishing I could be one of them. Even at age 5, it excited me a lot.

I recently met a man who was 65 years old who wanted to explore arm casting. He always wanted to wear casts on his arms, but as casting supplies were not available in the US until fairly recently, and with no one to show him how to cast, he never got to do it. I was honored to sell him his first set of casting supplies (I had some to spare, and I did not charge him any more than I paid for them myself.)

Whether or not your son has a foot or cast fetish, the best thing you can possibly do for him is to understand his behavior and accept it, but to stay out of the way. I don't want to get off onto the trauma that many parents go through unnecessarily because of their stubbornness. As it relates to foot fetish, typically a homophobic/footphobic parent will argue that "feet are dirty!" or "why the hell does my son get turned on by other guys' feet or broken legs?! Why feet?! Why casts?! Casts are for injured people to help fix their shattered bones!" And here is the answer: "It feels normal and natural to him." Get over it. Accept it. It's not about you anyway. You brought your son into this world, so consider yourself just a tad responsible for it. But really, you're not "responsible" for anything, as it's not even a bad thing. To you, it may seem ridiculous. And to him, some of the things you do (whatever those might be…ask yourself!) may seem ridiculous too. A foot or cast fetish may just be a part of who he is. Even if you don't understand it or it's beyond your power to understand it, love him anyway. Does this explanation seem to also be the answer to the "why is my son gay?" question? Yes, it certainly does seem to be. Is it a coincidence? Maybe. You can decide for yourself. There's no definite answer.

If you've reached the end here, hopefully you've gotten at least a trifle of an education about the two fetishes, and/or have more understanding of what those of us endowed with these unusual and wonderful fetishes think about and feel. If you think it's a curse or some kind of unholy and misguided existence, I assure you, it's not. Would our lives be better without the fetish? Highly doubtful. Understanding another's fetish – whatever the fetish might be – takes selflessness, and a lack of selfishness. If you can put your child first as far as his fetish, even though you may not fully understand it, and let him live it the way he will, you will have done all that's possible and expected.

Me, with a combo med-rec cast (my bad foot was bothering me so I wore this cast for my annual vacation in 2011.)